Steamed stuffed bun machine

Steamed stuffed bun machine


Model: CMS-30I
Voltage: 220/380v
Power: 2.6 kW
Output: 1800-2400 pcs/h
Dimension: 1500x650x1480 mm
Weight: 350 kg


♦ This steamed stuffed automatic bun machine,with small volume,light weight and stainless steel body,can produce a variety of buns with different fillings,such as  meat buns,vegetable buns and so on.
♦ The main parts are made of stainless steel. The original electrical appliances are made of international famous accessories,all of them Comply with the national food hygiene standards.
♦ Reasonable structure, easy to repair and assemble and clean.
♦ Provide two sets of free accessories.
Application Scope:

The working efficiency of the equipment is equivalent to the output of 8-12 workers. Comparing with the high salary and personnel instability ,It is the ideal equipment to launch your business,which is suitable for hotel,restaurant,school and frozen food factory.