Blood powder/Blood meal is the collection of quarantine health of fresh blood, through high temperature and pressure dispose, rupture, bleaching, low temperature drying and other processes made of high quality protein feed, with digestibility and safety, is high quality Animal protein source, suitable for livestock and aquatic animals, the daily food preparation. Centrifugal separator as a membrane filter pre-treatment equipment., which separate and extract the blood cell and plasma.


Crown machinery Co Ltd. has developed and designed an integrate system for blood separation, combined with advanced membrane separation technology and products, able to concentration and drying at room temperature. This process achieved energy saving and emission reduction, improves product quality and reduces ashes substances.

Meanwhile, this system with below features: simple operation, low energy consumption, continuous production, and online cleaning.

The system production capacity is designed and matched according to customer's daily throughput and required capacity.

Separation Room/Tubular Separator
Spray Drying Column