Blow moulding machine

   Blow moulding machine

  • Strong versatility,suitable for 50-180mm diameter,high automatic degree,suitable for preform loading of jar bottle,automatically unloading the bottle.
  • One worker can control two to three machines,high output,can be equipped with all-electric stretching and mould clamping.
  • High heat penetration and preform rotation by itself,making preform subject to even heat during preheating process.
    4.Safe, reliable and unique valve position design makes blowing process easier to control
  • Safety locking device in every mechanical action to protect operator’s safety.
  • Advanced automatic process flow with low cost,high efficiency,easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • With both automatic and manual operation method.
  • Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Easy to install and start, low scrap rate.


J series blow moulding machine is a specialized equipment designed for large-diameter PET bottles,with features of high automation,wide versatility,and easy operation.It is especially suitable for the production and processing of large-diameter 50-180mm.J series bottle making machine is precisely positioned and adopts advanced microcomputer PLC control system, which can be more stable.

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