multi function skin separator

Multi function skin separator

Material: SUS304
required Power: 5.5 kw
Capacity: 3-5 t/h


Multi- Skin Separator is able to process several variety of whole fruit of any size, such as: pineapples, passion fruit, guavas, aloe, melons, papayas,mangosteen and citrus. With good peeling function, and clear juice separation. Wide application and efficient production.

Advantage: Multi- Skin Separator are very reliable because of their design and construction, they need low maintenance charges that guarantee them a very long lifetime.
Working Principle:

  • A horizontal knife fixed between two counter rolling cylinders cuts the fruit into two halves. Then the half fruit is dragged by the rolling cylinders along the squeezing channels: here the juice comes out and is filtered through a perforated stainless steel sheet. The channels have different profiles according to the variety of fruit being processed.
  • The squeezing pressure on fruit can be easily adjusted according to their assortments, ripening and the thickness of the peel,
  • in order to get the maximum output of juice without compromising the quality.  
  • The peels are ejected exhausted by two proper stainless steel chutes and conveyed to the peel silo.
  • The squeezing and conveying of juice is done in closed chambers in order to avoid the contact with air.
  • The machine can be easily opened and disassembled fora complete sanitary washing.

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