YCQ series bottle blowing machine

YCQ series bottle blowing machine

  • Advanced PLC control system, stable and excellent performance.
  • Conveyor belt automatically feeds preforms.
  • Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the  bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared pre-heater.
  • High adaptability,preform absorbs heat by adjusting the distance between lamp and reflector.With automatic constant temperature device,temperature is kept within a certain range.
  • Safety locks are provided during each mechanical action to protect operator’s safety.
  • Use cylinder instead of hydraulic cylinder, low pollution, low noise.
  • Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation,energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Equipped with high pressure and double-crank linkage clamping, providing high clamping force.
  • Two ways of operating: automatic and manual.
  • Safe, reliable, unique valve position design makes blowing process easier to control.
  • Low-cost, high-efficiency, easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain, advanced automatic process flow.
  • Avoid bottle contamination
  • Protection of low temperature cooling system
  • Easy to install and start
  • Low scrap rate


YCQ series bottle blowing machine is a stable two-step blow-down stretch automatic blowing machine.It can be used from 2 cavity to 6 cavity with a speed of 1000 bottles per hour (500 ml plastic bottles),max volume 2L plastic bottle,suitable for blowing any kind of carbonated beverage bottle,sparkling beverage bottle,pure water bottle, mineral water bottle,fruit juice beverage bottle,cosmetic bottles,large diameter bottles, high temperature resistance bottles and other packaging bottles.

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