Full-automatic continuous sterilizing cooler

Full-automatic continuous sterilizing cooler

It adopts water bath high temperature spray pasteurizing and water bath cooling.
The belt is made of imported net type engineering plastics,which are resistant to high temperature and do no harm to the packed materials.
The imported automatic temperature control system is adopted to control the temperature.
The sterilizing and cooling transition section is designed to ensure the product taste.
All bearing adopt the imported anticorrosive system to ensure the service life of the machine.
Technical parameters:

  • Sterilizing temperature:freely adjusted within the range of 80-100℃.
  • Sterilizing time:6-40 minutes
  • Cooling time:6-45 minutes

Using effect:The sterilizing effect conforms to the requirements in the
Food Hygiene Law people’s Republic of China.The sterilizing and change after sterilization. 

Maximum sterilization temp. (℃)100100100100
Sterilization of conveyor belt width (mm)1500150015001500
Conveyor belt speed (mm)110~553110~553110~553110~553
Heating steam pressure (Mpa)
Length of sterilization section (mm)9000160002200032000
Length of pre-cooling section (mm)1200160018002200
Length of cooling section (mm)30005000800010000
Heating circulating water volume (m³)

Voltage (kW)9.610.613.616.5
Size Length x width x height (mm)9880x2250x173517880x2250x173523800x2250x173534880x2250x1735

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