Avocado oil Tubular Separator

Edible oil Tubular Separator Centrifuges

The Tubular Separator is Crown Machinery’s most popular product to date. The company has been continuously improving its design for about 30 years already.

It is a high-speed centrifuge used in a variety of biological processes: from cellular harvesting up to the separation and purification of chemicals, food, blood, and even medicine.

Description of our Tubular Separator Centrifuges

Based on the 30 years development for tubular separator design, Crown Machinery has designed and manufactured high-quality, Chin- made tubular separator earning an outstanding global reputation.

The Crown Machinery’s TC & TS Series Tubular Separators are engaged to separate low percentages (<2%) of suspended solids which are between 1 and 0.1 microns in size. Tubular Separator operates at high speeds to generate up to 13400~19000 gravity of centrifugal force (separation factor), As the fluid travels up through the bowl, centrifugal force cause suspended solids to migrate to the bowl wall where they are retained and manually collected. The clarified fluid is discharged through the top center of the tube.

The tubular separator is suitable for the separation of two non-miscible liquids of different densities. An excellent replacement for many traditional filter and membrane applications due to their high efficiency and small footprint.


The Crown Machinery TS series of tubular separator can be configured as a three phase solutions (Liquid-Liquid-Solid). If any solids are present, they will collect on the wall of the centrifuge tube while the two separated liquids are discharged at the top of the tube by the dedicated outlets.


TS-45 Tubular Separator is mainly used for the Laboratory or small scale industry application, by the adjustable high rotating speed from 8000-30000 rpm, it can almost used for every liquid separation for testing. It can achieve two functions with only one separator by exchanging the bowl.


This model allow the operator disassemble and assemble the bowl conveniently, basis on the special Front door design. safety Inspection of the locker and connect with door, ensure the sealing of machine.


Considering of female workers , the swing type can easily pull out the bowl and fit it on the bowl wheel holder. Contrasting with the Open type it need to manually swing the machine body into the horizontal level.


This normal type tubular separator is fit for the normal operator without easily disassembling requirements.


ModelTS 45TS 75TS 105TS 125TS 150
Bowl Diameter (mm)4575105125150
Bowl Speed
Bowl Capacity Nominal (L)
Motor (kW)0.551.
Dimension (mm)500x420x760760x450x1120760x450x1120