Clarify Disc Centrifuge

clarifying disc centrifuge

Clarifying-type Disc Stack Centrifuges

Disc Centrifuge is a high-speed, mechanical centrifuge used for the separation and purification of mixtures comprising of solids and liquids.

It can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used in extracting procedures for oil, for basic oil and water separation, and for filtration or the removal of impurities of any solid or liquid product.


Clarifying-type disc centrifuge are high-speed separation equipment which are rehearsed and developed by our own enterprise. It can separate the extreme tiny (as less that 1mm) solid particles dispersed in suspensions from the liquid phase. Full-automatic residue discharging function can ensure the separator reliably for long time. Unique professional centripetal pump and configuration can ensures high output pressure ( ≥0.4 Mpa).

The products are widely used in clarifying, separating and refining in the industries of Beer,  Beverages and Diary.

clarifying disc centrifuge

Working Principle

Picture below indicate how does the bowl works inside the machine frame.

disc centrifuge principle
disc centrifuge principle
ModelDGS / DGC 270DGS / DGC 360DGS / DGC 470DGS / DGC 550DGS / DGC 700
Through-put (L/H)50015005000800035000
Bowl Speed
Motor (kW)




Typical Industry Applications

•Fruit and vegetable juices
•Wine or Beer dewaterig


clarifying disc centrifuge