Flow wrapping machine

Flow wrapping machine series

Model DWD-650 Multi-Function Flow Wrapping Machine

• The machine is designed for packing vegetable, tortillas, fresh flower, straw,it can pack one piece or many pieces in one bag with automatic bulk straw feeder.
• Adopt PLC for main control, hence steady in performance and easy to operate.
• Good safe performance .machine head install prevent device for miscut.


Max. speed: 100 bag/min (Depends on manual feeding speed)
Max. film: width 640 mm
Max. roller: diameter 350 mm
Max. bag length: 1000 mm
Max. bag width: 320 mm
Max. product height: 170 mm
Film thickness: 0.03-0.05 mm
Power supply: 2.5kW220V50Hz
Weight: 450 kg

DWD-250/350/450 Multi-Function Flow Wrapping Machine

Piece・ product packaging:
Bread, chocolate enrobed cheese bar, popsicles, cookies, waffles, ice trowels, cotton wool.
Group packaging:
Waffles, meat chops, bakery, soap, sponges, biscuit with tray etc.
Non standard products (customization):
Individual spoon, fork, knives, also suit for packing spoon, fork, knife, napkin, toothpick, etc.

• This machine adopts PLC for main control, hence steady in performance and easy to operate・
• Man-machine interface in Chinese(English) .making the setting and save easy and quick・
• Main motor equipped with high quality AC frequency converter which makes step less speed changing.
• High accuracy photoelectric detection tracing system with automatic compensation in both directions for reliable accuracy.
• Non-stage transmission used for the adjustment of bag length, which makes machine much more durable, stable and
• The conveying chain can be adjusted without stopping the machine, convenient and sensitive ・
• Adjustable end sealing structure makes the sealing more perfect without cutting on the bags.
• The complete machine shell is made of high quality stainless steel.
• This machine can be equipped with nitrogen filling device and hot encoder. The printing position can be opted optionally.


Max.film width (mm)250350450
Max. capacity of packing200 times/minute150 times/minute120 bags/minute
Film thickness (mm)0.03-0.060.03-0.060.05-0.07
Bag Length (mm)90-30090-300100-350
Packing width (mm)25-10030-15050-160
Packing height (mm)≤40≤80≤80
Total power2.4KW 220V2.4KW 220V2.4KW 220V
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 4200*600*1265mm4200*700*1420mm4200*800*1340mm
Total weight (kg) 650 650800

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