Tubular sterilizer

Tubular sterilizer

Model: QW-TS
Structure: Tubular / Tube in tube
Flow: 1-20,000L/h
Sterilizing Temp. : 80~140 ℃
Holding Time : 5-20s (as per request)
Material: SUS304 / SUS316

Tubular sterilizer Description

Widely used for the sterilization of fruit juice, tea drinks, milk and virgin pulp and other liquid food.
UHT Sterilizer can carry out heating, heat preservation, heat recovery and cooling operations.
In the whole process of sterilization, the temperature of the material are in full automatic control.

  • main structure is made of 304 stainless steel
  • Thorough sterilization, low energy consumption
  • All connection with steam protection
  • Easy to clean, with advanced structure, reliable usage.
  • Independent control cabinet, HMI PLC control
  • With aseptic filling machine carry out CIP and SIP simultaneously

Tube in tube sterilizer Description

Used four heating and sterilization of high viscosity products, fiber products, pulp, high acid contend products. Such as tomato paste, concentrated sauce etc.
Adopts four layer pipe heat exchange,raw material is treated with heat from inside out, adopts pressure release valve and temp control meter Steam adjusted valve,stainless steel electric control ark. Heating temperature can be adjusted,also equipped the reflux system when temperature is low.

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