Aseptic sterilizer

Aseptic sterilizer & Filler monoblock

The aseptic monoblock is designed to supply the food processing industry with a small/medium-sized unit for aseptic processing and filling with the same high quality and aseptic reliability as large-scale units. All the components are installed onto a single stainless steel mainframe and they are supplied with all the relevant piping and electrical connections.
The unit undergoes a complete factory testing prior to shipment and is ready for installation at customer’s site in minimal time. Only electricity, water, air and steam utilities need be connected.

Aseptic monoblocks are available with capacities ranging from 500 to 6000 kg/h. They are designed for the aseptic filling of 5 to 200 liter bags and can process the following products: mango pulp, concentrated fruit marmalade, tomato paste or semi-concentrated products, vegetable purees, clear or cloudy juices and many other formulated products.

The machine is controlled by a PC/PLC integrated system which coordinates every operating function of the process. A touch-screen graph panel enables the operator to easily interact with the system in the following languages: English, Chinese.

Aseptic sterilizer & Filler monoblock 

The main features of the aseptic sterilizer&filler monoblock as follows:

• User-friendly, flexible and reliable
• All components preassembled, Easy to install
• Compact structure, sterilizing and filling connect as one unit
• Complete sanitation by an automatic CIP system
• Improved reliability from a fully PLC controlled self diagnostic operational mode
• Greater versatility by meeting various packing standards for different products

The unit is equipped with:
• Full SUS304 stainless steel pipe,valve,frame and tank
• Set of steam protect pipe,vavle,gauges
• Positive-material pump (mono or piston type) for product feed
• Tubular or Tube-in-tube heat exchanger as request equipped with sterilization, holding, cooling and product recycling sections
• Overheated water preparation system equipped with modulating valve for steam supply and relevant fittings and cooling water control valves
• Flanges and valves equipped with special aseptic steam barriers
• Aseptic filler with 1 or 2 heads suitable for filling of bags with 1”diameter type
• Brand flowmeter to precise control liquid filling flow
• Roller conveyors or operation table by optional under the filling chamber
• Process parameters and recipes are supervised and controlled by a PLC

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