Investor of Project :

We have many cooperate project and some of the country life on the developing market, so they are seeking the investor to support them to get more market and development, case of the project like following:  

1, Edible oil (MCT oil,coconut oil , palm oil , olive oil, refining oil etc)

2, Farm project

3, Environmental protection and solution

4,Community Support

Potential Investor

Centrifuge Investment: By investment not only the cash but new technology and innovation is more important for us .

We are sincerely welcome our same industry with high-tech company cooperate with us to develop the potential market. Meanwhile we will share our market and sales experience , even if we make contract with  our cooperation we will get share by legal approve.



OEM and Customized Benefit

Like what we have done , we already made hundreds of OEM product by different area which support the client get their customized machine to fit their special production requirements.  In future time , we will purge more effort into the customized machine developing and try to produce the machine feed all client requirements.

Area Distributor and Agent

Increasing the market share , we deeply need the capable,responsibility,with good mechanical experience company to be our agent or distributor . When we sign the agent agreement we will share our previous client data and all the market inquiry will belong to the agent company as well.

We trust you , please try to contact with us.

Crown Separation Training Center

We Crown Machinery provided the all series centrifuge and separator on site training, which support the operator or client easily to learn the machinery daily operation , maintenance , trouble-shooting. This training case will keep the operator more professional to realized the centrifuge best performance and get rid of the all running safety issue

Practical operation after 8 hours theoretical study, our trainer will be trained by our experience after service employee have years of practical experience in centrifuge technology and are experts in our Crown Machines. They come from the areas of production, repair, international field sales, process technology, and marketing. As a result, they understand both the technical aspects of our machines as well as the requirements of customers and application areas.




Training Schedule: 3 days (8 hours per day)
Training location: China
Language: Chinese, English and Spanish
Knowledge including: Theoretical separation and process optimization, assembly and dismantling of the machine, installing the all series or client necessary case operating and maintaining.


For market and office enlarging , we need the following staff by our headquarter and branch office.

Market Sale: US,Philippine,Korea with 3 years experience mechanical sale

Project developer: Only in China ,with more 10 years project experience SEM and SEO Developer (Global staff online )