high speed pulper

High speed pulper

QW-HDJ type is applicable to pulp the tomatoes, raspberry, gooseberry, goji, strawberries, apples, pears after crushing or soften hawthorn, jujube after pre-cooked.


  • High capacity performance: efficient space and energy utilization
  • High quality of product: more fine and smooth. Clear seed and skin separation
  • Flexible structure: gap between blade and sieve adjustable, pipe connection
  • Reduced down-time: rapid and thorough cleaning of finisher screen
  • Maximum sanitation: clean-in-place sprayer on the complete length of machine
ModelCapacity (kgs/h)Power (kw)Speed Size (mm)
QW-HDJ-53000-50005.51440 RPM2500x850x1650
QW-HDJ-108000-10000111440 RPM2500x1200x2200
QW-HDJ-2015000-20000301440 RPM3500x1500x2500

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