Hot water tank

Bright beer tank

  • Full high quality stainless steel hot liquid tank manufacturer(optional 2B or high-precision surface polishing) , wrapper with 2mm high quality stain less steel (2B or optional high-precisi on surface polishing) , the middle medium high-performance polyurethane insulation,according to user requirements various specifications of the product design and manufacturing.
  • Volume 1BBL—300BBL

           Aluminum silicate wool                                      steam boiler



Brew brewing equipment 

The inner body of Saccharification system and fermentation system are made of stainless steel, and the out appearance is constructed with stainless steel, titanium, purple copper or flame plating. With good work craft and beautiful appearance. PLC system accomplishes the automatic control on the complete brewing process, so that it can guarantee the good quality of the beer production.

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