Basket centrifuges

Crown Machinery™ Basket Centrifuges

Basket Centrifuges (a.k.a. Plate Centrifuges) are popular oil extracting machines widely used in the F&B Industry. This machine was invented to separate the liquid from solids through its basket-shaped filter.
It works on the principle of centrifugal force which is a high-speed revolution of solids within a metal basket and liquid is secreted out from the fast-shrinking solids revolving inside. It is also used in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industries

The advantages of Basket Centrifuge

Large capacity

  •  Low cost

  • Stable running performance

    High separation efficiency

FSS Series Filter Centrifuge

In Filtering centrifuge, the solids & liquids are separated by centrifugal force using a filter media (usually a cloth) mounted over supporting mesh, which are together supported inside the rotating basket. The slurry to be filtered is fed through the feed nozzles to the basket and due to centrifugal force the liquid is forced out through the filter media while solids are retained within the filter media inside the bowl. These solids then separated or discharged by various discharging methods namely – manually, bag lifting basket, through scrapper, operated manually pneumatically/hydraulically, for which different models are available.

FCS Series Sedimentation Centrifuge

This type centrifuge operation as a simple decanter system. Feed material is dumped into the rotating basket where solids are collected in the rotating basket by accelerated sedimentation from the rotating G – force. Lighter liquid overflows the basket into the out chamber where it drains the centrifuge by gravity or flows out via a drainage pipe on the top. This centrifuge has ability to separate and capture some heavy liquid in the basket along with solids. Removal of solids must be done for each batch either manually or with an automated discharge system. 

The scraper bottom discharge centrifuge

The scraper bottom discharge centrifuge can automatically realize feeding, separation, washing, dehydration, drainage, unloading, washing and other processes under full speed operation. It has the characteristics of novel structure, stable operation, high automation degree, low labor intensity, large production capacity, good washing effect and low moisture content of filter cake. It is suitable for separating solid suspension with particle size greater than 0.015mm and concentration range of 25-60%. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, such as starch, citric acid, amino acid processing.

The main motor of the scraper bottom discharge centrifuge drives the bowl to rotate at full speed. The material is introduced into the bowl by the feeding pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid substance is discharged from the drum through the filter cloth and the filter holes of the drum wall, The solid phase left on the bowl to form an annular cake layer. After the feed reaches the predetermined volume, the feed is stopped and further separated. At this time, washing can be carried out. After washing and separating, the scraper rotates automatically, scrapes the solid substance down and it was dischargedd from the bottom of bowl out of the centriufge, then starts the next cycle.

ModelFSS / FCS 450FSS / FCS 600FSS / FCS 800FSS / FCS 1000FSS / FCS 1250
Bowl Diameter (mm)4575105125150
Bowl Speed (r/min)2000142015001200900
Volume (L)2445100150280
Max. Loading (Kg)30100142200400
Motor (kW)

Typical Industry Applications

•Fruit and vegetable juices
•Wine or Beer dewatering

•Production of vitamins
•VC natrium
•Calcium phosphate
•Heavy alkai
•Algae (food, cosmetics)
•Fermentation broths (industrial       biotechnology)

•Raw Material washing
•Effective ingredient extraction



•Wool degrease
•Textile dewatering

•Fish oil
•Animal fats
•Olive oil
•Avocado oil
•Palm oil
•Coconut oil