Liquid filling machine

Liquid Filling Machine

Ampoule Filling &Sealing Machine

AGF SERIES Ampoule filling and sealing machine adopts the rectangular feeding instead of the traditional ampoule feeding methods. In such case, the feeding is steady with no easy broken ampoule.
A modern clutch is mounted under the ampoule feed hopper. Therefore, the ampoule feeding can be stopped at anytime while the machine is still running.
The ampoule lost can be reduced. In the part of stopping filling where changes electromagnetic switch into mechanical switch. It is reliable and durable.
Ampoule reverse and ampoule arranging structure are used in the device of ampoule outlet. It reduces the broken rate of the finished products of ampoule tremendously.

Ampoule Volume 1ml / 2ml1ml / 2ml1ml / 2ml5ml / 10ml5ml / 10ml5ml / 10ml5ml / 10ml / 20ml5ml / 10ml / 20ml5ml / 10ml / 20ml
Output (bottle/min) 130165-185200-260100150165-19075-100100-150125-190
Power (kW)0.550.550.750.550.751.50.550.751.5
Oxygen Consumable (m³/h) 111-1.5111-1.5111-1.5
Overall Dimension(mm³)1500x930x13001500x950x13001950x930x13001500x930x13001950x950x13002300x950x13001500x980x13001950x980x13002300x980x1300
Weight (kg)340360460350460560360460560
Power Supply OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

CY series ampoule ink printing machine is main equipment used for printing specification, batch number, and trade mark in packing line of water injection and powder injection in pharmaceutical factory. This equipment is a mature product which were improved many time by our technicians over ten years. It has many advantages such as compact and innovative structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reliable performance, high production efficiency. CY type ampoule ink printing machine has two models of single color and double color.


Suitable size: 1-2ml 5-10ml 20ml
Productive capacity/Hour: 28000, 19000, 15000
Power: 0.77kW
Power supply: Optional
Dimension: 3500*600* 1200mm
Weight: 180 kG


1. The full production capacity applies the programmed controller, high automatization, stable and reliable. When there are noampoules under the screen board, the knife can auto uplift, then prevent the use life of the screen board.
2. Apply the high-precision orientation silk screen board print. Silk screen board come and back once can complete two ampoules print. It owns high-efficiency and good coherence.
3. Agglomeration applies the electric heat and liquid gas heat. During the agglomeration, the temperature is subsection auto control.
There isnt twice labor, so prevent the ampoule quality.

CYG-II Coloured Glaze Type Ampoule Printing Machine applies the high-precision orientation screen board print. Control system applies the programmed controller. Agglomeration subsection control temperature.


The machine can auto print on the lml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml and non-state standard ampoule color print and print word. It can meet the printing requirements forthe home and abroad customers.
The machine have high automatization, compact structure and simple operation. It is an ideal equipment for the ampoule process in the pharmaceutical factory and medical plastic factory.


Ampoule Specification: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml
Capacity: 4000 to7500/h
Motor Power: 0.75kw380V
Overall size: 8700x800x1600mm
Weight :1000 kG
Oven Power: 20 to 27 kW

MODEL FPS Plastic ampoule machine for moulding filling and sealing

• Apply sterilizing packing and suitable for the liquid filling product in pharmaceutical and chemical and food industry.
• Modular construction, different function module is in different clean area.
• Filling-sealing position with class A air curtain.
• Product with double filter, cleaned air with end filter
• Product pipe with CIP and SIP to assure to keep the microbial status of original product.
• Time-pressure filling flow meter system, precise filling system without mechanical damage.
• 2 sets PC touch screen and suitable for controlling the machine outside of the cleaned room.
• Automatic record and print the data and display the operating data and also supply user's managing system.

Suitable materialPE or PP
Capacity9000pcs/h±10% (30cavity) 6000pcs/h±10% (20cavity) depend on the material and size
Power Supply3 Phrase AC: 380V+10%/-5%,50HZ±lHZ
Single phrase AC: 220V + 10%/-5%,50HZ±lHZ
Power75kw, equal consumption: 40kw
Compressed air 0.8 Mpa, 0.22μm filter de oil and de water: 300NL/min
Cooling water temperature 12°C, 4bar
Steammax.2.5 bar consumption 40kg/h
Water for cleaningdrug pipe: 1m3 2.5bar 15min
Mould vacuum system1m3 2.5bar 60°C, 15min
Overall Dimension5260Lx2600Wx3015Hmm
Net Weight800 kg

Model: PFFS
Max forming depth: 13mm
Cutting frequency: <22 time/min
Packing speed: <20 plates/min | 8~16 flashs / board
Dimensions of PVC/PE: 0.3x345 mm
Capacity: 1~60 ml
Air consumption: 110L/min
Water consumption: 6L/min
Power: 380v 50hz 12kw
Size: 3880x1880x1920
Weight (kg): 3400

PFFS plastic ampoule forming filling and sealing machine can be used in Pharmaceutical industry,Injection,Oral liquid medicine, Cheese and other fluid food, Chemical industrial etc.

• Standard of CGMP. two kind of filling pump for your  choice.
• All 22processse from spreading roll, AMP bottle forming v, filling, sealing the end, printing serial number, cutting the end, cutting apart, controlled by programming.
• Controlled by PLC, stepless frequency conversion and variable speeds.
• The large color man-computer interface is simple and easy for operation.
• Main components are imported.
• The filling head doesn’t drop, leak, arise bubbles or spill over.
• Material of high-quality stainless steel, according with CGMP standard.
• All the machine is checked by PLC, to keep the production stability, and stoppage happened, the machine will alarm or stop.

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