DHZ series Disc Centrifuge — separation equipment for paraffin oil and concentrated sulfuric acid

Paraffins is extremely pure alkane, the corresponding n-alkanes, colorless, tasteless, transparent or translucent, and will not change color after long-term exposure to the atmosphere. Liquid paraffin oil is made from light distillates after molecular sieve, cold pressure dewaxing, concentrated sulfuric acid refining, alkali washing and water washing.

The DHZ Series disc centrifuge equipment produced by Crown Machinery Co., Ltd. Is specialize design and applicable to the separation of concentrated sulfuric acid and paraffin oil mixture, in the refining process of concentrated sulfuric acid. All parts in contact with materials are made of DP steel, which effectively prevents the acid in material corroding the parts of equipment. The disc centrifuge is also equipped with sensors for vibration monitoring, which can know the working status of the equipment in real time through the display screen on the electric control cabinet.

MaterialProportionSpecific gravityViscosityWorking temp.
Concentrated sulfuric acid<3 %1.83-37.52cSt55℃
Paraffinic oil97 %0.87
Material characteristics