Fermentation broth Centrifugal separation via Disk centrifuge

Principle of separators: The centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of separator’s drum, realize the separation and/or concentration of suspension and emulsion.

Advantages: high separation rate and efficiency, clarity of liquid phase.

Types: there are two kinds separator, which can be divided into filter centrifuge(liquid-liquid-solid centrifuge) and sedimentation centrifuge(solid-liquid centrifuge) according to different working principles.

Application in Filter of fermentation broth

Microbial fermentation broth contains a large number of bacteria, cells or cell fragments and residual solid medium components.

Broth filtration is the process of separating the solid particles suspended in the fermentation broth from the liquid via centrifuge equipment.

In the filtration operation, fast filtration speed, clear filtrate and high yield are required.

1. Principle: when the suspension passes through the filter medium, the solid particles are separated from the solution.

2. Type: clarification filtration achieve by two phase disc centrifuge (liquid-solid centrifuge)