Fermentation liquid extraction via Centrifuge

The pre-treatment and solid-liquid separation is the first step in the extraction of biochemical substances from microbial fermentation broth. The purpose is not only to isolate microbial cells and other suspended particles, but also to remove most of soluble impurities and change the properties of the fermentation broth, which is capable to facilitate the subsequent physical or chemical extraction of metabolites from the clarified fermentation broth.

We use the centrifugal force generated by high-speed tubular separator to realize the solid-liquid separation of the fermentation liquid. With advantages of high separation speed, high separation efficiency and good liquid phase clarity.

If the purpose is to collect the supernatant of the microbial fermentation broth, we recommend the combination of disc centrifuge and membrane filter system works together.

Tubular Separator

For the bacteria cells that the user needs to collect the fermentation broth, we recommend the use of a tubular separator, which has high bacterial recovery and less moisture in collected bacterial.

disc centrifuge
Disc centrifuge