Protein tubular separator on spot

With isolation process of pharmeceutical protein production. The main processes of “Alkaline extraction and acid precipitation” method including: pulverization, extraction, separation of dreg milk, acid precipitation, curd separation, neutralization and aging, sterilization and drying, inspection and packaging.

Separation of dreg and liquid is the one of most critical process. Dongkuk Pharmaceutical by using crown machinery’s Protein Tubular separator improve the recovery rate, the extracted solution can be directly separated from the bean dregs and soybean milk. 

The soybean used for producing the pharmeceutical protein is pretreated, leached with oil, extracted defatted soybean meal and soybean powder, and then the soybean protein is dissolved from the soybean powder in an alkaline solution, and finally acid is added to separate the protein agglutination precipitate.