Escherichia coli (E.coli) Fermentation Broth Separation via High speed Tubular Separator

Bacteria fermentation broth or cell culture fluid to extract biochemical substances is an important step: pre-treatment and solid-liquid separation. The aim is not only to isolate E.coli bacteria and other suspended particles, but also to remove some of the soluble impurities

The E.coli fermentation broth has many impurities, some impurities not only directly affect the product quality, while the effect the following subsequent extraction and refining process, therefore, in pre-treatment, method must be used to precipitate these impurities need to remove during solid-liquid separation step.

The centrifuge is mainly used for the separation of fermentation broth of E.coli, which is achieved by the centrifugal force produced by high rotation speed of the centrifuge bowl. The advantages of fast separation speed, high efficiency and good clarity of liquid Etc;

Characteristics of E.coli Fermentation Broth Separation Tubular Separator:

Such as the user needs to collect the fermentation of bacteria, use of high speed tubular separator in the plant achieve high recovery rate of bacteria. After separation, the fermentation broth was completely separated bacteria.

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